9 02, 2016

I Finally Have My Daughter Back

This is monicamy daughter Monica. Monica is a very special person with a big heart, she has been through so much at such a young age. My daughter had to   grow up very quickly, you see, I am a single parent with a terminal illness. I […]

2 12, 2015

Reflections of a Father

Taylor had everything going for her. A Michigan State undergraduate, bright, full of life and she had her whole life ahead of her. Then I started to notice something was going wrong. Her grades slowly started to decline; then in her junior year the signs got worse; she […]

28 01, 2015

Innocence Being Restored

Meet Taylor. She was a product of her abusive drug addict mother. By 9th grade her parents had divorced, and her mother was no longer part of her life. She started smoking weed and drinking alcohol. In spite of all this she still managed to graduate high […]

28 01, 2015

From Pills to His Presence

SuzanneHi my name is Suzanne and I’m 42 years old. I’ve been in the program now for 4 months. I came to Project Hope to overcome an addiction to pain pills and anti-depressants that had ruined my life and nearly killed me. Since being in the program, […]

28 01, 2015

From Slavery to Freedom


This is Marsha, at the age of 15 she started drinking which progressed to using crack cocaine. She says, “I loved the way it made me feel.” Then her mother passed away, she was devastated and that just fueled her drinking even more. “I knew I had […]

28 01, 2015

A Family Being Restored

This is Marisa. Even though she grew up in a loving family, by the time middle school came around she fell into deep depression. The social pressures of friendship became too great to bear at such a young age and the feeling of […]

28 01, 2015

From Compromise to Christ

Jessica-QHi! My name is Jessica Quinonez and I am 28 years old. I am from Palestine, Texas. I was raised in a broken family. We started off going to a Catholic Church, then Baptist, and then just quit going at all. I’ve been in Project Hope for […]

28 01, 2015

Finding Revelation In A Crisis: Chelsea’s Story of Redemption

7 years ago I started down a miserable path of depression and hate; I turned to drugs as my way of escape. It started with small stuff like cigarettes and marijuana but then led to pills and alcohol… I have been in and out of mental […]

28 01, 2015

Life After Death: Ashley’s Story of Life Transformtion

“I walked in the doors of Project Hope beaten down, hopeless, lost, condemned, and in despair of life itself. I was heartbroken and I had broken other’s hearts; I couldn’t live with myself, so I attempted suicide… 3 days later I was in the hospital with extreme […]