Jessica-QHi! My name is Jessica Quinonez and I am 28 years old. I am from Palestine, Texas. I was raised in a broken family. We started off going to a Catholic Church, then Baptist, and then just quit going at all. I’ve been in Saving Grace for almost 5 months, but before entering the program, I was addicted to drugs and abusive relationships. I would cut myself and lost interest in my life and kids. I became selfish and self-centered. I wanted whatever I wanted, and did whatever I had to do to get it. I looked for love in all the wrong places. But since being here, I have a relationship with God; I have a joy in my heart and I am learning how to become a Christian. I believe in God’s Word because it is accurate and I can see the changes that it is making in my life, my emotions and my thoughts. I believe in all the promises God has made to me and I am learning how to fully rely and trust Him. My mom has come to visit me and I get to see my kids twice a week on face time. I really have HOPE in my life today.   The scripture that inspires me is Isaiah 57:14: God says to; “rebuild the road; clear away the rocks and stones so My people can return from captivity.” This scripture is real to me because this is what Saving Grace is doing for me.