“I walked in the doors of Saving Grace beaten down, hopeless, lost, condemned, and in despair of life itself. I was heartbroken and I had broken other’s hearts; I couldn’t live with myself, so I attempted suicide… 3 days later I was in the hospital with extreme liver failure. The doctors did not expect me to live through the night, and I wanted to die, but God allowed this fear to come over me… not a fear of dying, but a fear of going into a dark eternity not knowing Him or being right with Him… I didn’t know God, but I knew that I had to be right with Him! I had a Christian friend that came and prayed for me and encouraged me to cry out to Jesus. When I did, to the doctor’s surprise I survived. I entered Saving Grace where I was introduced to Jesus Christ and my life became transformed!

Today I have completed the program. The process has been slow and hard, but I am determined never to go back… or look back!

After a 17 year addiction to drugs, alcohol, homosexuality and mental illness, I am delivered and redeemed. Now I am learning to walk in my freedom and God has an amazing plan to work through my life to reach other ladies similar to the kind of person I used to be!”

Ashley has since completed the Saving Grace program and now is working as our women’s intake officer, using her story of success to be an agent of hope to those who are lost and hurting.