This is monicamy daughter Monica. Monica is a very special person with a big heart, she has been through so much at such a young age. My daughter had to   grow up very quickly, you see, I am a single parent with a terminal illness. I was in and out of the hospital which left Monica all alone, she had to learn how to do things on her own. Monica started turning to other places and people for acceptance, she felt like no matter how hard she tried it was never good enough. As a result Monica was diagnosed with, Bipolar, chronic depression, and anxiety. When I started getting better we became very close and she started opening up to me. She told me she had a problem with addiction, my heart fell to my feet, I grabbed her and hugged her. Monica overdosed 3 times over the course of her addiction. The second time she told me that God told her it wasn’t her time and walked her out into a light and she woke up. The last time she had been clean, she had found a job doing yard work. While she was working they offered her a glass of wine; she didn’t remember anything after that. The people were just going to dump her off, but out of nowhere a girl showed up and called the ambulance. Monica was in a coma for 6 hours and had stayed in ICU for 3 days. We found out afterwards that they had slipped a date rape drug in her wine. I prayed and prayed for God to please heal my daughter, looking back I couldn’t have done it without God in my life. That’s when He orchestrated getting Monica to Saving Grace; I knew that He had special plans for her. Without Saving Grace Monica probably wouldn’t be alive today. Now I know my daughter is safe, has a place to sleep and is surrounded by God’s soldiers. Addiction is a disease that effects so many people, and they have no hope or no place to go, thank you Saving Grace for giving me my daughter back.